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Greetings to former students, grads, teachers, and friends of John Oliver/ South Vancouver High School, The following are some of the photos from the John Oliver Music Reunion/ Teo repel's 87th birthday: The photo of the two elderly ladies is of Malita Woods Miller (grad of 1930 and accompanist, Brock House Choir) and Thelma Reid Lower (grad of 1929 and one of the editors of the Canadian Encyclopedia of Music. In the photo of JO staff, Harold Braverman, JO teacher, 1966 to present, left and Kevan Moore, current Principal, JO, on the right. The "Hugh" is Hugh Marshall whose 75th birthday is coming up on June 13 at the Block Club/athletic reunion; the "Marilyn" is Marilyn Peterson Kinghorn, grad of '57, and one of the organizers of the JO athletic reunion which presently has over 200 people registered to date. http://www.vancourier.com/ (click on "back issues" "April 23/2003" "Retired JO music teacher...") or: http://www.vancourier.com/044203/news/044203nn2.html (for the exact page) Special Note to Haddon Whitelaw '53 (Photo: Teo/MassChoirA96_12.jpg: Neil Peterson is second from the left in the centre row).

Teo Repel's 87th birthday

One of choir groups

Teo directing

Catherine & Teo and Class of '71

Hugh Marshall & Marilyn Peterson Kinghorn

Harold Braverman (JO teacher)1966 to present; Kevin Moore, current Principal JO

Malita Miller and Thelma Lower

Teo and Vicki (Knott) Pasquill

Teo-Vickie-Charlotte (Fast) Wiens - cutting the cake

Teo & Catherine - with class of '62-'63

Sherwood Robson's widow Jean with daughters Judy (left) and Margot

the CAKE

Teo's family

Catherine - Teo and class of '75

Mass choir

Catherine Repel

close shot of Brahm's choir

class of '73

close up of Mass choir