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The Fourth Annual John Oliver Historical Society Reunion Social was a smashing success. Approximately 100 people attended the affair at the Oakridge/ St Giles' United Church. Approximately $1000 after expenses was raised by the society through admissions, a raffle, a silent auction, and donations; the lunch prepared by Cathy Glosli and her ladies was great; it was a lovely fall day in Vancouver; and a good time was had by all.

Mary Cochrane, who will be 99, God willing, on January 9, was honored as the eldest grad; Mary MacDonald was honored for her 27 years of teaching PE at the school (Mary still plays basketball in the senior women's league); we also celebrated Mary Campbell's 94th birthday.

We welcome any submissions or photos that you would like to send for our book to be published next year: Memories of John Oliver High School: Growing Up in South Vancouver and Attending John Oliver High School. If you would like to order a copy of the book, please send a cheque for $30 to: John Oliver Historical Society, c/o John Oliver Secondary School, 530 E 41st Ave, Vancouver, BC V5W 1P3

Remember our website: www.jayohistory.com (prepared and maintained by Bill Griffiths, Grad of '50)

The following are some photos of today's activities.

Mary Campbell, age 94, girl's PE, 1938-1961; Ken Warner, Grad of '41, President of JO Historical Society; Mary Cochrane, age 98, Grad of 1922, eldest grad and former track star; Mary broke 5 records at the 1920 track meet, including the Sr Girls' Open 100 yds;

Barb Armstrong Wolfe (Grad of '56), Selma (Sam) Eriksson McLachlan (Grad of '54), and Betty Campbell(married name?) (Grad of '47): former cheerleaders lead audience in the singing of school song: "Come on Jayo we're rooting for you..."; Selma also read her "Class of '54" 50th Anniversary poem to the crowd;

Mary Campbell addresses the crowd;

Mary McDonald (Girls' PE, 1962-1989) addresses the crowd;

Retired Provincial Court Justice Wally Craig (Grad of '49) addresses the crowd; Judge Craig donated the proceeds of the sale of his book, Short Pants to Striped Trousers: the Life and Times of a Skid Road Judge to our historical society ($150);

Mary Campbell celebrates her 94th birthday (actual birthday was on October 11; Mary Campbell drove to the reunion social);

The three honored Mary's: Campbell, McDonald, and Cochrane, who are all coincidentally Scottish descent;

Louise McDermott (Grad of '42); Blanche Banerd Olejnik (Grad of '50); Nora McDermott (Grad of '44), and Betty Bailey Manning (Grad of '50), former students who were coached by Mary Campbell help Mary celebrate her 94th birthday;

Catherine and Teo Repel (JO music teacher, 1955-1980) take in the festivities;

Mary MacDonald with former PE staff colleagues: (back row: left to right - Sheila Ledingham McColl, Steve Spencer, Mary McDonald, Don Thompson, Hugh Marshall; front row - Joyce Hibbert, Herb Crawley, Nels Spruston);

Part of the JO Historical Society Committee (unfortunately, the photo was partially double-exposed): back row (left to right) - Ken MacLeod ('62); Terry Pollard ('56); Dave Sinclair ('57); Erwin Polinsky ('54); Jerry Vernon ('52); Wally Alexander ('47); Ken Warner ('41); Bill Griffiths ('50); (cut off: Norm Ellis, '31, and Hugh Marshall, '46); front row: Edie MacLeod Kernighan, '67; Bonnie Gerard Griffiths (attended, '48-'51); Effie MacLean Abrahamson ('43); Shirley Ranahan Dahlie ('43); Marion MacDonald MacAulay ('43); Freda Sleigh Warner ('43); Cathi Macdonald Glosli ('47) (cut off: Barb Armstrong Wolfe, '56; Dorothy Duncan ('43); absent: Marilyn Peterson Kinghorn ('57);

Mary Campbells 94th Birthday Cake

Charlie Warner former Vancouver Sun photographer (Landy looking over shoulder with Bannister passing him - '54 Empire Games) - Erwin Smyth - Doreen Warner

Wally Alexander and Freda Warner man the raffle tickets sales>

Mary Campbell former Jayo PE teacher and 94 years young.

Mary Cochrane, oldest living grad at 99 and Ken Warner our Historical Society president and grad of '41

retired Judge Wallace Craig, Class of '47 and Rita Pollock nee Robinson Class of '58

Some of the guest alumni