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Stanley Park from Seawall, Lion's Gate Bridge & Harbour with North Shore Mountains


The harbour cruiser, "MV BURRARD QUEEN" was the picturesque setting for a night of memories of the GRAD CLASS of 1950. 81 grads and their spouses sat down to a "CAPTAIN'S PLATE BUFFET DINNER", just as the setting sun burst through in the western skies. Entertainment was provided in background music of a specially prepared CD representing all the old songs played at our dances and hops. (one of which was The Three Sons - "Twilight Time" now playing.


Harbour Sights at Sunset

M.V. Burrard - our cruise ship

Marshal Stashyn (class5) lives in California

Muriel Stashyn arrives at dock

Betty (Bailey) Manning with decorations
back to camera - Marilyn Robertson

Bill Griffiths - Class 6

Ed Hornal Class 2

Diane and Jim Johnson Class 2

Mickey Orrock Class 7

Annie Santini, Nacy Boreski & Gary Santini - decorations

Bab Hassan, Marion Pelech & Ellsworth Dickson

Muriel & Marshall Stashyn & ?
background - Ellnora & Ed Hornal

Burrard Bridge & English Bay

Ron Wills

Dick Waterfall
Marilyn Robertson, Lois Watley & Lori&Bob Johnson
background - Jim Johnson

left - Maritime Museum cneter/right English Bay

Outer harbour & empty freighters

mate show Dennis Morris how to wear lifejacket

Smorgasbord - Dennis Morris (white slacks)
Lois(Watley) & "Bud" MacFarlane

Muriel and Marshall Stashyn

Marian Pelech(Rosychuk) and Ellsworth Dickson

West Van, Lions Gate Bridge & Stanley Park

Stan Wilbee

Frank Peter speaks with Norma(Willett) & Ray Andrus

Joe Yanchuk, Viv Swamston - Doug Manning

Jim Johnson (foreground)
Lois Watley speaking to Bob & Lori Johnson

Dennis Morris


Betty Bailey,Marilyn Robertson,Joan Thomas, Bev King

Mary Anne Buck, Bev Wilson, Winona Duff, Nancy Quebec

Kathy Morris, Annie Santini, & Marge Smith

Al Homenchuk, Joe Smith & Catherine Homenchuk

Ron Will & daughter - Karen Will

Gary Santini & Diane(Hare)Johnson

Dennis Morris & Neal Robinson

Marilyn (Robertson) Tulodziecki

Bob Murphy, Frances (Manuel) Waterfall, Owen Manual

? & Bob Hassan

? & Bob Johnson

Bob Hassan, Marian (Pelech) Rosychuk & Ellsworth Dickson

Colin Campbell, Bill Griffiths & Bonnie (Girard) Griffiths

Ivy (Pearson) Pye, Ron Wilson & Frank Peters

Lois Watley, Joan Fenner, Ivy Pearson, Jean Reitsma, Betty Bailey, Marilyn Robertson & Blanche Bannerd

Betty Bailey,Marilyn Robertson, Joan Thomas, Bev King

Your committee - summer 2000

Your committee - Christmas 2000

Dorothy Warn and

Dorothy Warn and Bobbie Mannimg(Arnie)

Bobbie and Arnie Manning

Diane Johnson - -Marlene Wilson

Ron Wilson-Frank Peters-Stan Wilbee & Len Pye

Frank Peters and Betty Bailey

Len Pye and Stan Wilbee (Ivy Pye in bg.)

Doug Whittle and Bev (King) Whittle

- Frank Peters (Bob Murphy in bg,)

Stan Wilbee, Nancy (Quebec) Boresky, -

Betty(Coe) Staley and Dorothy Warn

Frank Peters and ?

Bev (King) Whittle

Ron Warn, Frank Peters and ?

Frank Peters, Ron Warn and Stan Wilbee

Lois Watley and Owen Manuel

Doug Manning, MaryAnn (Buck) Hillman, and Ray Andrus

Colin Campbell talks with Bob Murphy - behind
Bonnie Griffiths talks with Frances Manuel
and Lois (Watley) McFarlane talks with ?

Mickey Orrock, Marshall Stashyn, Marion (Pelech) Rosychuk and Muriel Stashyn

? and Ellnora Hornall

Dennis Morris Joan (Thomas) Fenner, Annie Santini and Joan Smith

Al Homenchuk, Bob Hassan, Bruce Garrison and Joe Smith

Frank Peters, ? and Stan Wilbee


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