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This WebSite is courtesy of the GRAD CLASS 1950

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John Oliver Historical Society


Memories of John Oliver: Growing up in South Vancouver and Attending John Oliver.

The society was formed in 1999 for the purpose of preserving the history of John Oliver/South Vancouver High School, the only high school in South Vancouver until the early 1950s. The society has collected numerous resources, including memorabilia, photos, yearbooks, school newspapers, documents and taped interviews of former students, teachers, and other members of the community. The society is documenting the history of South Vancouver and John Oliver/South Vancouver High School to preserve in the book and archives, as we want our history to be remembered.
If you have any inquiries about the book, please contact:

Edie Kernighan, Secretary-Treasurer
Telephone: (604) 937-0958, email: pacrat@telus.net

Ken Warner, President
Telephone: (604) 434-5037, email poppakeneh@shaw.ca

Ken MacLeod, Research
Telephone: (604) 534-4015, email: ken_macleod@sd34.bc.ca

c/o John Oliver Secondary School
530 East 41st Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5W 1P3