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William Janes, son of pioneer Thomas Janes ( who was one of 528, named in "Vancouver Voters, 1886: A Biographical Dictionary") operated this post office and grocery in approx. 1911 on "JANES ROAD". Wilson Road (forerunner of 41st Avenue) didn't carry on officially east of Victoria Drive, and this structure was at what was known firstly, as "43rd and Nanaimo", then as "1918 - 42nd Avenue" and after 1930 when South Vancouver became part of Vancouver, as "2396 E. 41st Avenue", but was always at the intersection with Nanaimo Street.

Thomas, born in Cornwall, England in 1855/56 and came as a young man to Canada, arriving in Ontario in 1875. He married Mary Leatherland (a Canadian born girl) and they settled in Seaforth, Ontario, where following his trade of butchering they opend up a meat store.

He and his wife travelled through the northern USA arriving with their first three children in "Granville" on October 31st, 1883. He first operated a meat store in his new home, but later operated a stagecoach line, "Janes Stage", between Vancouver and New Westminster via Westminster Avenue (and sometime "The old Black Trail") a route now known as KINGSWAY. He built a home and stable adjacent to False Creek on the west side of Westminster Road (now Main Street) near Prior.

Thomas Janes, moved around 1911 to 43rd and Nanaimo in Vancouver South, which he called Janes Road, as he was the sole resident at that time. He is shown with his wife and a daughter at 1896 42nd Avenue, which became 2296 E. 41st in 1930!


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